Do it do it #27

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01 T. Little Hits 
02 Lauter They Give Me The Eye 
03 Buggy Blaesheim Hill 
04 Loyola Song Of Fear 
05 Drey Threads 
06 T. A Gun In My Hat 
07 Guisberg Never The Ribs 
08 Electric Electric Minimal = Maximal 
09 Original Folks Gone With The Weather 
10 Lauter Mother And Son 
11 Buggy Back In My Mind 
12 Solaris Great Confusion Mind Control 
13 Renz Pancakes 
14 Herzfeld Orchestra Tramp 
15 Little Red Lauter Rotten Brain 
16 Einkaufen XIII 
17 Lispector Side By Side 
18 Roméo & Sarah Several Directions 
19 Crocodiles Inc. The Dark Passenger 
20 Philippe Poirier Mon ange 
21 A Second Of June Gallery 
22 Luneville Swan 
23 Einkaufen XIV 
24 Herzfeld Orchestra Sunday Evening 
25 Electric Electric La Centrale